Thursday, September 21, 2006

Scorpion Queen !

When Tim asked for spiffy Scorpio logo, a few CF engineers (Sanjeev, Chandan, Jayesh, Sandeep and Vamsee. special mention - Hemant & Praveen.) got together to create her. Of course they didnt use Photoshop. We are very much used to Whiteboard :)

Did you notice the cool scorpio tatoo she is wearing. And No, she would not execute <CFLAPDANCE /> !!!


Andy Allan said...

LOL. Damn, my enhancement tag isn't being included then.

Time to buy Tim and Jason more beer .. maybe then ... ;)

Anonymous said...

Is all ColdFusion development being done in India now?

Rupesh Kumar said...

Nope! Only a part of it.

Steven Erat, CFQA said...

And the other part is here in Newton!