Thursday, February 15, 2007

A page in CFSwitch-CFCase' diary

Undoubtedly I am one of the most powerful programming construct of ColdFusion language. And definitely more powerful than all my cousins in other programming languages. All my cousins and even my brother (read java switch-case) work only on integers but I work on almost every kind of objects be it string or any numeric data or even date. Since I can work on almost all datatypes, I make cf developers life so much simpler. I was created this way because the world I was going to be in was UnTyped - where every one was equal and where there was no discrimination between datatypes and I really thank God (ColdFusion Architects) for creating such a wonderful world.
Recently I heard someone talking about me that I am not as fast as my cousins. Some one even talked about ignoring me and taking help of kiddo cfif-cfelse. I dont want to say anything against anyone coz I know "with great power comes great responsibility err..cost".

Its sheer hardwork that makes me so much more powerful than all my cousins. This is what I do when any object comes to me. First I try to see if it is numeric. I do that because that is what all my cousins are used to and I have to remain as fast as them in that case. If it is not numeric, then I check if it can be date. If it is not even date, I try converting it in String. Once I arrive at the data, I use my own data structure to match it with appropriate CASE. So when the data is string, i will take some more time as compared to what i will take when data is numeric. Is that so bad? My cousins dont even do that!

Sometimes I compare myself to a busy lawyer who likes working on many CASEs. I dont like to work just for 2-3 cases. I prefer my grandson cfif-cfelse take care of those small no of cases.
I hope someday people will read these pages and if even after reading this they think that I am too slow and I should be ignored I only want to say "God, forgive them, for they dont know what they are doing!".


MikeKelp said...

That is hilarious and so very true.


jones said...

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