Friday, June 01, 2007

ColdFusion 8 beta has arrived

I think I am the last person to say that ColdFusion 8 i.e Scorpio beta is out. Yayyy !!! :)

And that means I am back on blogsphere after a long hiatus. Seriosuly, what a fabulous journey it has been! It is a result of nearly one and half year of hard work, huge amount of research, so many design discussions, fights over nitties-gritties of features, many spec review meetings (which many a times reminded me of the college time ragging or soap box for elections at IIT kgp), many beer parties (because some one was beer boy coz he broke the build) and eating rubber chicken few times (becoz the build was broken again !!) etc etc etc.. -- all to ensure that there is enough sting in the Scorpio. :)

Everyone of us in the team is really proud of the stuff that we have built and I am sure people gonna love it.

And we are not done yet! Ashwin's cartoon says it all !!!

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