Friday, December 14, 2007

Firefox (Adblock plus) blocks even Google adsense

I have been using my new laptop at work (my old one crashed at MAX) for two weeks and its been pretty good. Not because the laptop is something extraordinary, its because I installed the latest versions of all the softwares and plugins I use. And the most pleasant part of it is - it has been completely ads free. I did not notice it earlier but once I landed up on sys-con's site to read some article and I was pleasantly surprised to find no irritating video ad there. For a moment, I thought that may be sys-con has grown up but that was just for a moment :-). The snapshot shows it all.





Its actually a firefox plugin adblock plus that does it automatically. The most interesting thing was that it even removed google text ads. Its interesting because we have always seen Google promoting firefox and firefox as a browser closer to Google. So now a firefox plugin that blocks google adsense and in turn hurts Google revenue is certainly not going to go well with Google. It will be interesting to see how Google plays it.

So how exactly does adblock plus block the ads? Gecko engine - the engine underneath Firefox, uses a content policy which decides which content should be loaded and which should not. Adblock defines its own policy which gets added to the browser's policy. It comes with a predefined huge collection of filters and if the url to be loaded matches any of that, it does not let the browser make a request for it. For google adsense, the url contains 'pagead2' which you can see in the adblock preference below.


Its also going to hurt many bloggers as lot of them earn substantially from ads and mainly adsense.  Even my blog page contains adsense but I dont mind adblock plus as I haven't yet earned anything from it anyway. I'm loving it. :-)


John O said...

I have to remember to disable my Adblock+ when working client work. I spent a good hour trying to figure out why my Flash app wasn't loading my client's content only to find out that a directory that was being returned to me via XML was in a "ads" directory. Flash kept failing with URL not found.

I love the plugin, but sometimes it can be too good. :)

Anonymous said...

Meh, I cut off my giving to Google long ago. I'm sick of waiting a minute for to take my computers stats and my ip just to list it on a statistics page. Ad-Block was made to avoid things you don't want, which can be used to leverage advertising power on the internet. I disable Ad-Block on sites I wish to gain from their ads, but Google is officially cut off for me. I even got PeerGuardian2 so I can entirely block IP's involving websites I don't want gaining revenue off me, which now includes everything on Google short of its search function. If their "web stats" stuff takes too long just to make me a statistic, then its gonna get cut off just like the ad's that do the same thing when you try to go to a webpage.

The reason I posted anonymously is because I don't have a google/blogger account, or an OpenID, or a URL to provide with my name.

I once realized I would never want a single government such as the UN ruling the world, and thats basically what Google is trying to do with the internet. Yes I said it: Google is the Microsoft equivalent of the internet.

Anonymous said...

John O,

You can exclude a site you needed from AdBlock Plus filters. Look the help of it.

X said...

cool. just what i wanted.
tried installing adsense blockers in google chrome but it just crashes everytime. so now I will use ONLY FIREFOX. and i have ADBLOCK PLUS. amazing. why shud i bear with irritating advts from google without getting a single penny ? apart from that 40% of all download bandwidth is eaten by these ads,