Monday, January 14, 2008

Adobe ColdFusion Survey

As promised earlier, here they come. As part of the research for Centaur (next major version of ColdFusion aka ColdFusion 9), we need your feedback on ColdFusion 8 features, what enhancements do you need in them, what new features you want in the new release etc etc.

Adobe ColdFusion Survey

We would also like your inputs on platform and vendor support for upcoming ColdFusion release.

Platform and Vendor Support

Please do take some time to take this survey as this would really help us shape the new features in the upcoming version. THIS is YOUR chance to get your favorite features in !


Dawesi said...

Nice one! I'd love to see Intrafoundation's IHTK implemented cross platform in Java!! (I know, I know - the survey, the survey!)

Or CFEXCHANGE to support other Exchange-like servers (mailenable/Zimbra,etc)

Anonymous said...

supporting all of css, including overflow:auto working would be nice

jones said...

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