Friday, June 27, 2008

Back from hiatus

I took a long long break from blogosphere and now that I am rejuvenated after CFUnited, I am back. :-) Thinking about it, it was a really long break - my last post was on Feb 18th which makes it 4 months. So what did I do in those last 4 months? Well lot of things ;-)

  • I GOT MARRIED :-) So thats the biggest thing that happened. I took a one month long vacation to get married, went to Mauritius for my honeymoon and we had a really great time. Here is one of our pics. In case you want to see more of these, you can head over to Flickr. :D


  • There was a more than one month long Cricket series called "Indian Premier League" and I watched each and every match ;-)
  • All of us in the ColdFusion team were quite busy (and still are) in research, planning and implentation for the Centaur. In other words, I was working for you guys.

Now that I am back, you should see some regular posts from me. The next one goes in a while.


Sam Farmer said...

Congratulations Rupesh!

Anonymous said...

Hearty Congrats. Wish u all the best..

Dan Wilson said...

Congrats Rupesh. Best wishes of much happiness in your future!

Dan Wilson
( )

qasimrasheed said...


It was nice to meet you at CFUnited and congratulations on getting married. I've heard great things about Mauritius especially the airport and it's been on the places that I would like to visit. I might take a little detour next time I am traveling to Pakistan.


Rupesh Kumar said...

Thanks a lot everyone. :-)
It was great meeting you at CFUnited.

Same here. And yes, Mauritius is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. I am sure you would love it.

Peter Tilbrook said...

Congratulations! A very pretty bride! Thanks for the "EvalAtPrint" tip too!

Ben Nadel said...

Rupesh, I'm sorry - I totally missed this blog post. I know this is way late, but congratulations and best wishes :)

Rupesh Kumar said...

@Peter, @Ben,
Thanks :-)!