Tuesday, July 01, 2008

ColdFusion Livedocs on AIR

I was doing a code review for Vinu today (dont ask me which feature it was :-)) and we needed to check the reference doc for a tag. And instead of opening the local doc page, he opened this cool application that had livedocs and it was blazing fast (I know Livedocs sucks ! and yes I work for Adobe ;-)).

I was like 'whoa!! thats a cool app.. Did you write it? Why dont you release it for public??' And then he told me that some one from the community had written it and its already available for everyone. It has been developed by Brian Love and it is available here. It has very small size application, very lightweight and extremely fast.

So in case you haven't downloaded it, download it now!! I am sure you would love it.


Akbar said...

CFDocs on Air is really cool and i've using that for past 4 month it's really great offline CF reference.


brandonLiveWeb said...

Hello Rupesh,

I was just talking to Ben Nadel about some cfZip on a linux box, and he referred me to you. The problem is that when I use ColdFusion to unzip an archive, the permissions get set to a read/write for CF only. The files cannot be modified by any other system user. I know that with cffile you can do mode="666" or "777", but I haven't seen that with cfZip. Do you have any ideas?

Brandon Hansen

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