Saturday, June 13, 2009

Devnet Article on ColdFusion Performance tuning

In case you haven't seen it yet, there is a new devnet atricle that was published this week on "Performance tuning for ColdFusion Application". Its an excellent article written by Kunal from the ColdFusion team. It gives a great insight into how to go about tuning your JVM, how to tune the VM's Garbage collector settings and how to tune different settings in ColdFusion server. It also gives some tips on best practices for writing ColdFusion application from a performance perspective. Overall an excellent article.

However, there is one mistake in the fourth page where it suggests to use File functions instead of File tag which I would like to correct. Actually it should have suggested to use new File functions that were introduced in ColdFusion 8 instead of older File functions or cfile tag.

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Raymond Camden said...

I'm a bit confused by your last comment. You seem to be saying that folks should use the CF8 File funcs instead of CFFILE and the other file functions.

However, the other file functions we had before CF8 had nothing to do with reading/writing files. They were things like expandPath, fileExists, etc, which are perfectly fine to use.

Maybe you can clarify this a bit?