Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hotfix for CFDocument thread hang in CF7.0.1 standard.

There was a problem in CF7.0.1 standard edition where if you hit any error in a page using CFDocument, any other page using cfdocument will hang. This was a threading issue we had for standard edition and was logged as bug 61378.

This was fixed in the hotfix 1 and is available at

However I would recommend you to use hotfix 2 at
See the details of this hotfix at

Scale to fit for CFDocument

I have seen couple of posts on the forum in which people wanted to know a way to fit the document in a page. I am wondering about the use case if this is really required. Could you please let me know the use cases and how are you working around it currently. You need to build a case to get this attribute in the tag :)