Thursday, September 20, 2007

CFDocument hotfix for ColdFusion 8 released

We have released a cumulative hotfix for CFDocument related issues in ColdFusion 8. Bugs being addressed in this hotfix are

  • PDF/Flashpaper document generated in CF8 are nearly 70% scaled down than CFMX 7. This was making document appear smaller in CF8 as compared to CF7.
  • Using cfdocumentitem in a loop inside cfdocument causes the error, "routines cannot be declared more than once".
  • StackOverFlowError when a large document with table is created. A simple report with over 1500 table row causes this problem. More complex, but shorter documents have also resulted in this error. This was a pretty nasty one and it deserves a separate blog entry :-).

You can download the hotfix directly from here. You would need to extract the hotfix jar from the downloaded zip file and apply that jar.